• Net Zero Energy Building Certification

    Whether on the boards, under construction or already in use, Living Building Challenge can put a spotlight on your Net Zero Energy Building.

Net Zero Energy Building Certification

Net Zero Energy is a sought-after goal for many buildings around the world. All such buildings rely on exceptional energy conservation and on-site renewable generation to meet all of their heating, cooling and electricity needs. Yet, many buildings that claim to be Net Zero in fact are not; actual Net Zero Energy buildings are still rare. The Institute's Net Zero Energy Building Certification™ (NZEB) is the only program in the world that verifies net zero energy building performance. NZEB is one of three certification paths under the Living Building Challenge.

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If your building is already performing at net zero energy and has not yet registered for NZEB Certification, you can still certify. Many buildings have certified after they were built. Learn more.